One small step step for man, one giant step for a world in coffee

So here we go, about to embark on a discovery of coffee. I would try and sell it as a rollercoaster ride of emotions but who am I kidding it’s just going to be really interesting and witty.

Let’s talk about the path of no return...COFFEE



Go back a year and a half and the thought of drinking a coffee - I would turn my nose up to the idea. I was that person who could never get my head around why people went mad for it...turns out coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with around 2 billion cups consumed every day (British Coffee Association). Turns out based on that figure I was clearly the one behind the trend!!

The constant words of “just try it” echoed around in my head every time I was travelling for competitions with my team mates. I was standing strong. I wasn’t going to give into peer pressure. That small two letter word of ‘NO’ constantly coming out my mouth. Who would have thought a trip back from Russia if all places, in February of 2016, would be the time i caved in and got my first coffee. A week in Russia had clearly paid its price - I can’t have been thinking straight! But this was my step into the unknown, the lasting memory of ‘my first coffee’. Who needs memories such as the time I first started walking, the time I first picked up a badminton racket...this must be in all the family photo albums - surely!!


So here i was in Moscow airport, the sweet smelling aroma and taste of the Costa Coffee Caramel Latte was easing me in to that once dreaded taste of coffee. I could get used to this I thought....the caramel latte count was quickly escalating and subsequently the condition of my teeth most likely deteriorating!! Baby steps I thought, start off with the sweet stuff and I’ll get there (being an athlete there is always goals so why not have some here - time to wean myself off this sugary caffeine hit)


What better way than to drop the caramel and have a nice milky latte. I was now involved in the coffee buzz, no longer being ‘that guy’ who would just get a hot chocolate whilst everyone else was being an adult. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) sprung to mind with regards to this. I could go on the step by step progressions I took of coffee but let’s be honest two paragraphs on this conversion to a ‘normal’ coffee is probably enough for anyone! 


Starting out back then, the last thing that crossed my mind would be writing about coffee or even having a keen interest in this new phenomenon that was taking us youngsters out of bars and clubs and into ‘hipster’ coffee shops that were rapidly popping up across the U.K. I had been converted!


We would love to hear how you fell in love with coffee. Comment below!