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Trust the thousands of customers who have tried and loved our coffee. This is completely natural caffeine that is guaranteed to perform,

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Stop wasting your money on ineffective, artificial energy drinks. We stick to what works and educate people how to accurately use caffeine, from coffee, so that they can perform to their best.

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Patrick and Finlay Machugh founded Power Press Coffee. Patrick competed in the 2014 and 2018 commonwealth games. Finlay is a strength and conditioning coach. He has trained Olympic, Paralympic and commonwealth athletes.

They felt a mutual frustration with the supplement industry. Finlay has seen every unfounded fitness craze out there. Most of which have little to no reliable evidence to support their claims.

This advertising rhetoric only confuses athletes and the general population. From an athlete's perspective, Patrick is wary of taking supplements. This is due to the potential incidence for cross contamination with banned substances.

They were only left one choice.  The brothers took a stand. They combined their knowledge of the sporting world and created 'Power Press Coffee.' Caffeine products that have been through the rigours of science. They've created non-artificial performance enhancing products that do exactly what they say. 

It’s not a coffee company. It’s a community that provides no-nonsense advice about training and nutrition. This is for people that want to achieve their athletic goals and have a healthier here If you want to learn the ins and outs of how caffeine works!

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how to maximise caffeine for performance

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