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The Coffee Club
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The Coffee Club

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"Love my coffee subscription with these guys! A brilliant selection of flavours. By far the bests coffee I've tasted.."

- Louise H. Trustpilot 


Never run out of coffee again.

☕️ The coffee subscription gives you a brand new and exclusive coffee every month. 

🔋 Stay energised with customisable order frequency (Delivered every 7, 14 or 30 days)

💲 Subscribe and Save: Save over 30% with free postage with every order 

📮 FREE Shipping

😁 37p per coffee! 250g of coffee = 27 servings (9g per espresso). 

✅ Cancel anytime.

💪 Smash your training

Please note:  All subscriptions are mailed on a Monday.




This months coffee is 'Wild Ride'. 


Origin - Guatemala / Nicaragua

Flavour Notes - Wild blueberries, lemon and black tea

Process - Natural / Washed

Varietal - Catura / Catuai 


Espresso = 27 servings @ 9g per serving

Aeropress = 16 servings @ 15g per serving


More information:

For many years El Rubi has been grown with caturra, colombia and castillo but in the more recent years they have decided to start experimenting with more exotic varietals.  

Cultivated from hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon, Pin Bourbon is said to have been the first found in Pitalito Huila.  This variety can be hard to grow and cultivate due to the genetic volatility but it has shown to have good resistance to rust and produce exquisite cup qualities.  Pink bourbons have a substantial amount of glucose, which is thought to help give the coffee in the cup its more delicate, soft and complex profile. 


Our tubes are made of cardboard so can be refilled, re-used and then recycled when they are no longer shining on your kitchen worktop. 

REFILL - all our coffee now comes in biodegradable bags. After your first month on the Coffee Club, we'll send you out fresh coffee in the biodegradable bag to top up your tube (what's even better? It fits through your letterbox so you don't even need to be in)

REUSE - we encourage you to get the most out of your new packaging

RECYCLE - is your tube starting to hurt your eyes and look a bit beat up? Drop us a message and we'll send out a shiny new tube to store your coffee in.


read our customer reviews

I’m a very fussy coffee drinker and power press is SERIOUSLY GOOD COFFEE!! I also love their personal notes they send with every delivery, it’s the small things that go a long way 😊.

Naomi H.

Trust Pilot

Always amazing service... If your into sports give them a go instead of preworkout, I'm far more mentally focused and less jittery with their coffee compared to the usual random concoction preworkouts. Highly recommend!

Greg C

Trust Pilot

Amazing! The coffee is outstanding and the customer service is fantastic as well. Couldn't recommend Power Press enough.


Trust Pilot

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