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Our Story

power press coffee - our story

Power Press was founded by two brothers, Patrick and Finlay MacHugh.  Patrick is a former international badminton player who competed at the 2014 and 2018 commonwealth games. Finlay is a strength and conditioning coach who has trained multiple Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth athletes in the 10 years he has worked in elite sport. 


During both of their careers they felt a mutual frustration with the supplement industry.  From an athlete's perspective Patrick is fearful of taking supplements due to the potential incidence of cross contamination with banned substances.  From the coaches' perspective, Finlay has seen and heard of every unfounded fitness craze out there, most of which have little to no reliable evidence to support them and only serve to confuse athletes and the general population. 


By the end of 2017, the brothers decided it was time to take a stand and they combined their knowledge of the sporting world to create 'Power Press Coffee' - caffeine products that have been put through the rigours of science, creating non-artificial performance enhancing  products that do exactly what they say.


Today, it is not just a coffee company, but a community that is designed to provide no-nonsense advice about training and nutrition for anyone that wants to achieve their athletic goals or live a healthier lifestyle.


Click here if you want to hear about where we source our beans from or here if you want  to learn the ins and outs of how caffeine works.





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