The Strongest

The Strongest

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Perfect when you need a powerful kick of caffeine on the move. Six (or more) 100ml bottles of The Strongest give you a precise amount of caffeine just when you need it.

Independently tested by The University of Strathclyde chemistry department. Each bottle is made with the finest Colombian beans freshly roasted, ground and brewed for 18 hours. This allows for maximum flavour and punch.


“Caffeine is great for when you need to get the most from your body whether that be in training or a competition. Power Press Coffee satisfies my craving for the taste of coffee and also gets me into the right place for a hard training session”

- Ross Murdoch (2016 Olympian and Commonwealth Games Champion Swimmer)

*Coffee is a natural product and caffeine content can vary. We have tested a wide range over multiple brew methods.

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