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Kirsty Gilmour

Kirsty Gilmour, self confessed coffee addict is Glasgow 2014 silver medallist and Gold Coast 2018 bronze medallist.  Kirsty is undoubtedly Scotland's best ever badminton player and arguably one of Scotland's best all round athletes.  

She combines her agility, speed and strength to make her one of the most physical players on the circuit.  All of which, is obviously, fuelled by Power Press Coffee.

Instagram - @kirstygilmourr



Ellie Gregor

Ellie has over 4 years Olympic Lifting experience and qualified for English Championships in 2018. She has a British Championships total 72kg Snatch and 95kg Clean & Jerk at 64kg body weight. She also trains powerlifting and has a 145kg back squat, 75kg bench, and 155kg deadlift. In addition to lifting weights, Ellie is a competitive CrossFit Athlete. She has competed at national and international events and taken podium positions at many of them. 

Ellie trains 9 times a week, these sessions include 3 early morning home gym accessory sessions, 2 barbell sessions, and 4 functional fitness sessions. She fits her training in between her career as a solicitor and Power Press Coffee helps her keep energy levels high through long days of work and gives her that extra kick pre training sessions. 

Instagram - @elliegregor


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Bethany Robinson

Bethany has been doing CrossFit for 2 and a half years, when she started in 2016 she had just been diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, weighed 18 stone and had very poor mental health. Bethany lost 6 stone in one year and fell completely in love with the sport and she is now considered in recovery from her mental illness. 

Bethany is now a competitive CrossFit athlete achieving 12 podiums in the last 2 years in individual and team competitions. She also dabbles in Olympic weightlifting (85kg clean and jerk/65kg snatch)  and powerlifting (132kg back squat/75kg bench/172kg deadlift) 

One of her proudest achievements last year was achieving a 100kg clean. 

Bethany uses Power Press Coffee to fuel her workouts and to spike energy levels before a competition workout

Instagram - @bethanysrobinson